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Time unlimited food all you can drink Viking << Men 3300 yen / Female 3100 yen >>

By using a coupon3300 yen

The above is male fee (female 3100 yen, junior high and high school student 1900 yen, elementary school student 1300 yen, infant 500 yen, free to under 3 years old)

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All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink is here!

Reservation deadline
Coming up to 2 days before 22:00 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

This year's "Sogo rooftop starlit sky beer garden" is the biggest big tower of 【Marche of the world】 and 【the camp menu】! In the Marche of the world, gourmet of 15 countries in abundance using the seasonal ingredients is changed daily.The camp menu has become a luxurious menu that you can enjoy the deliciousness and deliciousness of outdoor such as smoked roast pork and chicken, paella, sparerib, camp curry! Of course the sweets of different belly ♪

Course menu

A variety of dishes produced using safe and secure ingredients.Of course Urethii different belly desert is prepared for women!

"Marche in the daily world"

One case

◆ Make your own tacos Bar (Mexico)

◆ Marinated Octopus and Olive (Turkey)

◆ Cottage pie (UK)

"Camp menu"

◆ smoked roasted pork

◆ Smoked roast chicken

◆ spareribs

◆ Cajun chicken

◆ paella

◆ CAMP curry of smoked vegetables

◆ Fried potato to eat with smoked salt

◆ Simmered chicken and vegetable oil

【New appearance】 "Additional BBQ menu" (Sun - Thu only) (60 seats / 15 tables only) (reservation required in advance)

BBQ menu with one person +1000 yen alone!

Further improving camping ♪

"Sweets · dessert menu"

◆ Original parfait made by yourself

♪ your own original parfait with topping (granola / yogurt / fruit / sauce)

◆ various roll cake

◆ Various fruits

"Salad menu"

◆ Smoked cherry mozzarella caprese

◆ Salad Bar

◆ Vegetable stick & dip

"Classic menu"

◆ HOT Menu (Oden, Udon etc.)

◆ Japanese cuisine

◆ Various side dishes

◆ Chinese variety

All-you-can-drink menu

· Asahi Super Dry Quickly Dry
· By enhancing malt ratio and fermentation degree, we refined "good aftertaste".In addition, by improving the timing of introduction of German rare hop polaris, we improved the cool "cool feeling".(From Asahi Beer Official HP)
· Asahi Glan Mild
· Continued soft taste, beer of a commitment that you can enjoy slowly.Even though there is rich flavor of wheat and alcohol 7%, by suppressing extra taste and sweetness, realized an elegant and soft finish.Since there is no extra taste and sweetness, the taste continues even if time passes.It is a new proposal of slow beer that you can enjoy at your own pace.
· Groorsh (Netherlands / monthly beer · May)
· Monthly beer limited to "300 cups / day" 【May is Groche in the Netherlands】.
· Pilsner · Ulquel (Czech / monthly beer · June)
· Monthly beer limited to "300 cups / day" 【Czech Republic Pilsner · Ulquell in June】】
· Asahi amber's time (monthly beer · July)
· Monthly beer limited to "300 cups / day" 【Asahi's amber time in July】.
· Asahi Arena (monthly beer · August)
· Monthly beer limited to "300 cups / day" 【Asahi's heat selection in July】 is.
· Asahi Dry Premium Hoifen (Monthly Beer · September)
· Monthly beer limited to "300 cups / day" 【Asahi's dry premium baby in July】 is.
High ball various
- Cocktails
- Wines
· Hiroshima regional wine
Shochu various
- Non-alcoholic cocktails
Soft drinks

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